Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello New Friend!

"Its a time of hope, for all of your plans to work out, and to wish for your dearest dreams, to turn into reality." -unknown
This year Easter felt a lot like New Years to me.  A time of rebirth and new beginnings. Seems fitting to make changes when spring is burgeoning and all if fresh and new. So here I am ready to meet my goals, BUT I've said this enough times to know that I always have fantatstic plans-- the follow through-- not so much.  Thats where Green to Pink will come in.  This is  a place for goals to be made public. The steps to reach them be documented.  I hope Green to Pink will give me a sense of accountability-- even if I don't have any readers (yet)!

In return I will share with you the people, things and places that inspire me-- and hopefully inspire you as well.

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