Sunday, July 22, 2012

These Were a Few of My Favorite Things

There was a time when I enjoyed summer. When I spent the morning until dusk outside, climbing trees, playing tag, picking berries-- stopping briefly to eat lunch.

Yesterday the family headed to a friends for a cookout I decided to bring some things that reminded me of those long summer days

Rolls of caps.... whats more fun that a little gunpowder?
Punch Balloons

My hubs asked if I bought cap guns. "Nope" I replied, "I used to spend hours exploding them with rocks. they'll still have fun". 

I wasn't wrong BUT I never expected that the boys would take the rock method to a whole new level. At first it dud start out with tap, tap, tapping with small rocks on the explosive dots on the rolls of caps. But then the minds of the eight and nine year old boys kicked in. If a small rock worked to make a little bang what would a BIG rock do? Well-- they results where exactly as they hoped. Dropping the small boulder above the strategically placed caps caused spark flying explosions that send billowing smoke into the air. No joke.

The mom in me was a little nervous as I watched, but the little me? She thought AWESOME!

This was a day my guy and his friend will remember when they are my age. Hopefully they'll bring caps to a cookout with their kids some day!

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