Wednesday, October 05, 2011

[Once] I Wanted to Be

A valley girl!

There are others of you out there that will admit this, right?

In middle school I order this book

and when I was denied  when I was asked if I could watch Valley Girl the movie (it was rated R) I snuck out of bed and watched it without sound. Dedicated, right? Not familiar with this epic film? Check out the trailer staring none other than Nicholas Cage-- he made a great punk!

Look at this Valley Girl contest that aired on the '80's Real People (a fav of mine as well)

Valley girls-- where are you now? 

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alienbody said...

Oh the memories! I graduated high school in 87, so I was right in the thick of it. I was born in Encino (Valley Girl Central), but I lived in Arleta, near Pacoima and San Fernando, so NOT Valley Girl territory - more Cholo territory. I did adopt some of the words, but never the real drawl. Great movie and great times. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.