Monday, July 09, 2012

[awkward moments] Save the Date

When I was in first grade I heard that a girl in my class was having a birthday party and assumed that I was invited. Why wouldn't I be? So I brought a gift to school that day and didn't get on the bus to go home. Lets just say that didn't end very pretty.

Recently my friend Kath emailed me with the subject: SAVE THE DATE. I was super excited to see what this event was! Opening the email my heart sunk.

"Are you guys planning on going to Thom's wedding? We definitely are. Planning on spending some time in San Fran the week after"

[insert sad face] I was instantly six-year-old Kerry again.

Thom a dear friend that introduced my husband and I. And yes, we were planning on going, but-- nope we didn't get a save the date. Maybe ours is just a little behind in the mail. We do live in a more urban area than Kath-- that makes mail slower, right?

But, no, it never came.

I brought the subject up with my husband. "Will you ask if we are invited?"

"No" he replied. "Of course we're invited"

I wasn't sold. I mean being that six year-old-girl left crying after school with a carefully wrapped game of Pick-Up Sticks (yes, that game sucks, but in retrospect she most likely deserved it) is sad enough, but the grown-up equivalent being left on the East Coast with plane tickets and a hotel reservation is a whole other level of sad.

So today when I was emailing with Thom about something else I brought it up. and.....


that wasn't awkward at all :/

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