Monday, April 19, 2010

[Kitchen: Make it Pretty]

1. Curvy Servers from Branch 2. Vintage Potholder Patterns 3. M-Cups Matryoshkas Measuring Cups from CoolStuffExpress 4. Trimmer Mechanical Kitchen Scale  5. Gothic Cooking Half Apron from PamWares

Yes, I know know, It's "cook more" week, not "shop more." But, who couldn't use a spruce up in the kitchen to make it more inviting!?Above are a few items that I think would make slaving over the stove that much easier. 

I'm a huge fan of wooden spoons, but don't have any purty colors like those! My current potholders you ask? Dreadful! How is it my Grandmother has seemed to have the same ones for over 30 years?  Am I that careless in the kitchen?  I think I will try to make some cute new ones-- but that will be a different week's mission. 

Scene: Me in my sun drenched kitchen pouring flour from my cute as a button matryyoshkas measuring cups while wearing my darling Sassaman Fabric apron-- scale piled high with vibrant green-apples on the counter near by. 

Perfect, right? 

Don't tell my flour covered jeans and black shirt, that I inevitably wear when I bake. There is a noticeable lack of apron cover any party of my body.  A girl can dream, can't she?

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