Saturday, November 17, 2012

[music] Commercial Influence II

I have had a history with becoming obsessed with music in commercials. Sometimes its the combination of a great visuals with the perfect song. Like in 1999 when I first saw this commercial for Cambridge Soundworks:

I mean seriously. That is still a killer commercial. Kind of raw. A little edgy. Sucked me right the hell in. Before long I was excited every time the thing came on just so I could hear a snip-it of that song. I mentioned it to my little sister and she was responded, "That's The Sheila Divine. They're from Boston" as I should have know this already. The CD became mine and became a HUGE part of the soundtrack to the crazy fun times I had as I started to date my hubs and meet all the friends that I still now hold dear. 

Thanks Cambridge Soundworks and Kristin and of The Sheila Divine!

A perfect combo is not always necessary as with evidence from this Gameboy Advance spot that got me hooked on 'Strict Machine' by Goldfrapp. It's honestly not worth embedding for viewing. I would just suggest taking a listen to the killer track on Spotify. Soooo good. 

I guess its been since February that I last went searching the internets for the name of the song in a commercial. This one popped on the TV while I was having particularly tough night sleeping and found myself on the living-room couch. As I lay on the couch in the first stages of falling back to sleep this visual gem appeared:

Striking as hell-- and that party!? I want to have one of those kind of house parties at least once a week. Don't you? 

Thanks SonosJanelle Monáe, Deep Cotton and sleepless nights!

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